Testimonials Business that have already started the Neurodiversity conversation in their workplace

Through Training & Consultancy we provide you with a clear, practical and positive understanding of neurodiversity.

The Natural History Museum

“Daniel delivered a fantastic lunch and learn session for our staff at the Natural History Museum. The session was extremely thought provoking and challenged the way we look at neurodiversity in society and how we can do better as an organisation and as people.”


A fantastic session from Adjust as an introduction to dyslexia. Employees were especially interested to hear and gain a better understanding of how to support colleagues who may be dyslexic specifically the common workplace challenges as well as focusing on the strengths that people with dyslexia can bring to an organisation.

Farrer and Co

“A very engaging presentation on neurodiversity for members of the firm.  I particularly valued the focus on the strengths of neurodiverse employees and potential employees, the practical suggestions for how firms can recognise those strengths in recruitment and create an inclusive environment to retain talent”.

Leeds Beckett University

A fascinating and informative workshop which provided an original insight into the qualities brought to the workplace by people with neurodiverse conditions. It is a valuable resource for employers wishing to broaden their recruitment pool”.


“A highly engaging lunch and learn session for our employees to help raise awareness on neurodiversity. It was extremely insightful on how we can support different perspectives, skills and strengths and left a lasting impression on how we can positively and proactively improve our workplace”

National Army Museum

‘Daniel provided our team with an excellent introduction to Autism. He listened to why I was planning this training for staff and provided a really responsive workshop which achieved exactly what I was hoping for. I would not hesitate to recommend Daniel to other organisations looking to expand their knowledge and understanding of Autism.’

Major Lindsey & Africa

“The presentation to our team provided an excellent introduction to autism in the context of the workplace. The depth of knowledge and passion for addressing the autism employment gap was both powerful and engaging. The team came away with a sound understanding and the session sparked much interest and debate in the office.”

Bircham Dyson and Bell

“We asked Daniel to talk as part of our Diversity Week programme on neurodiversity. Not only was Daniel an engaging and entertaining speaker but also highly knowledgeable and passionate about the subject including autism, dyslexia, ADHD and dyspraxia. His insights and re-framing of neurodiversity as such a positive, left a lasting and powerful impact on everyone who had the fortune to see him speak”.

Bristows LLP

‘Daniel combined all of his skills and expertise to deliver an engaging, informative and thoughtful session on neurodiversity in the workplace.  His conversational delivery style worked well, and he used relevant interactive examples to really get the audience thinking about this topic.  I came away from the session with greater awareness and understanding, and some very useful practical tips for how to apply my learning in the workplace.  Highly recommended.’

Fidelity International

“As part of our continued outreach for our grass-roots Diversity & Inclusion network, we contacted Adjust to deliver 3 lunch & learn sessions to give our staff an introduction into Neurodiversity, attendees gave such overwhelming feedback we have decided to start a new Neurodiversity network to get the continue the great work here at Fidelity.”

Journey HR

Daniel was invaluable in helping our client to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the neurodiverse disability of one of their employees. He dedicated time to gaining an in depth understanding into the specifics of the employees disability, their role and the wider business before providing a clear and detailed report with all the information the management team need to understand how to effectively manage and maximize the potential of the employee. The passion Daniel has for helping businesses and employees together with his wealth of knowledge makes him a joy to partner with and I’d recommend him to any business who are looking to get the most from their diverse workforce.


“The Adjust session gave our student recruitment team a fantastic insight into a range of neurodiverse conditions and the barriers that students may have when applying for roles with us. Using our new knowledge, we were able to apply this thinking to our student recruitment process to think through possible solutions and adjustments to ensure candidates have an equal chance at success as their neurotypical peers. We’ll be applying this knowledge to ensure we can best support our candidates going forward and provide a positive candidate experience. Thanks to Daniel and Catherine for such an informative and engaging session.”


The lunch and learn workshop gave a really informative and useful overview of dyslexia from a compelling perspective, focusing on the strengths that people with dyslexia might offer as well as the difficulties people might face.”

AFC Wimbledon

We had an Autism awareness training session with Adjust. The feedback from all who attended was very positive, everyone found it to be informative, enjoyable and were left wanting to learn more. I would highly recommend Adjust for training”


Daniel ran two sessions on neurodiversity in the workplace for managers, directors and HR.  The sessions were interactive, entertaining and kept the audience fully engaged throughout.  Feedback from participants was amazing, one manager said that she had learned more in 3.5 hours with Daniel than at any other training session – ever!  I cannot recommend Daniel highly enough and already have plans in place for future sessions for all of our people.

Channel 4

Thank you for the Autism Understood session. The team learnt a lot of new tips on how to practically communicate with people who have autism. Daniel was able to add value beyond the basic disability training by using his professional experiences and stories. He was incredibly helpful and informative.

Pinsent Masons

“Adjust provided us with excellent practical advice and consultancy so that we could adapt our recruitment procedures to ensure they were inclusive for neurodiverse applicants”

Northern Trust

As part of World Autism Awareness Week, we engaged with Daniel from Adjust to deliver two sessions on autism awareness at Northern Trust in London – one aimed at parents of autistic children and one aimed at our Recruitment team looking at the benefits of employing people with autism. Daniel was very engaging and I along with other participants left feeling better educated on the subject and with some practical tools and tips.”

Equal Approach

Daniel from Adjust and I worked together to deliver a webinar as a partnership event focusing on autism in the workplace. Daniels knowledge of autism and the autistic spectrum is second to none and he delivers in a way that is engaging and informative. He can also bring training to life by bringing real life experiences and case studies to the learning. I look forward to working with Dan again.

The Royal Mail

The information was delivered in a clear, easy to understand format and will help me both with my Autistic son and a colleague who has Aspergers.

The people taking the course were knowledgeable and explained clearly the different perspective Autistic people have on the world.

Diversity and Ability

The training Adjust undertook with our team was very practical and therefore easy to apply to “real life” situations. The trainer was very professional and clear in their delivery.


Adjust has provided enei with clear and practical advice through training and advice that our members have been able to apply practically in the workplace. His webinars in particular have been extremely well attended and well received. Daniel communicates very clearly and has a enthusiasm and passion for disability in the workplace.