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Neurodiversity Understood for Managers

Learn more about Neurodiversity and Management. How can your organisation ensure it is retaining talent? Would you like to know how to maximise the potential of existing neurodivergent employees?

Our Neurodiversity Understood for Managers half-day training course is aimed at line managers, supervisors and all staff involved with advising, managing and supervising neurodivergent employees. Read our blog aimed at helping managers learn more about managing neurodivergent employees.

We can also run this session in a 90 minute “Lunch and Learn Plus” format.

“Adjust ran two sessions on neurodiversity in the workplace for managers, directors and HR. The sessions were interactive, entertaining and kept the audience fully engaged throughout. Feedback from participants was amazing, one manager said that she had learned more on this 3.5 hour course than at any other training session – ever!” – Jilly Abbott – HR Business Partner at Treatt

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Neurodiversity Understood for Managers

"We asked Daniel to talk as part of our Diversity Week programme on neurodiversity. Not only was Daniel an engaging and entertaining speaker but also highly knowledgeable and passionate about the subject including autism, dyslexia, ADHD and dyspraxia. His insights and re-framing of neurodiversity as such a positive, left a lasting and powerful impact on everyone who had the fortune to see him speak".

Bircham Dyson and Bell
Nicola Jacobs - HR Manager Bircham Dyson and Bell

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