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Our Neurodiversity training and consultancy services are aimed at HR personnel, recruitment teams and managers.

Recruitment Clinics – We can ensure your recruitment procedures are inclusive for neurodivergent candidates. Bring along your recruitment procedures, including application forms, interviews questions or assessment activities and we can help you become more neuro-inclusive!

Management Coaching – We offer 1:1 coaching sessions offering advice on practical management strategies, ensuring your managers have the ability to manage neurodivergent employees effectively.

HR Hour – Do you work in HR and perhaps unsure where to start your workplace neurodiversity journey? Meet with one of our consultants to discuss a roadmap for neuro-inclusion in your organisation.

Neurodiversity Champions – We can work with your organisation to develop Neurodiversity Champions.

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The training Adjust undertook with our team was very practical and therefore easy to apply to "real life" situations. The trainer was very professional and clear in their delivery.

Diversity and Ability
Atif Choudhury, Chief Executive, DnA Diversity and Ability

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