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Neurodiversity Understood for Recruiters

Would you like to learn more about Neurodiversity and Recruitment? Is your organisation missing out on future talent? Learn how to access untapped talent by effectively recruiting neurodiverse candidates with our course for recruiters.

Our half day “Neurodiversity Understood for Recruiters” training course is aimed at HR, recruitment teams and all staff involved with recruiting new staff including graduate, apprenticeship and early careers teams. Read more about neurodiversity and recruitment in our blog.

We can also run this session in a 90 minute “Lunch and Learn Plus” format.

“The Adjust session gave our student recruitment team a fantastic insight into a range of neurodiverse conditions and the barriers that students may have when applying for roles with us” – Katherine Holdstock – Senior Student Recruitment Advisor at EY

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Neurodiversity Understood for Recruiters

The training Adjust undertook with our team was very practical and therefore easy to apply to "real life" situations. The trainer was very professional and clear in their delivery.

Diversity and Ability
Atif Choudhury, Chief Executive, DnA Diversity and Ability

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