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Our mission is to start the Neurodiversity conversation in every workplace.

We will raise the profile of Neurodiversity across your organisation with clear, practical and positive training & consultancy.
We work globally to start the neurodiversity conversation in the workplace.
We offer all of our services either face to face or virtually.

Our Team

Our team has specialist knowledge, experience and qualifications in many key areas including Neurodiversity, Disability,
Occupational Psychology, HR, Learning & Development and Diversity
& Inclusion.

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  • Daniel Aherne | Founder & Director

    Daniel Aherne

    Founder & Director

    Daniel, author of the book “The Pocket Guide to Neurodiversity” founded Adjust in 2016 to raise awareness of Neurodiversity in the workplace.


    Daniel’s passion for Neurodiversity started in 2000 by volunteering with an Autistic boy on a playscheme. This led to him working at the National Autistic Society in the employment team, where he managed the Employment Training. In this role he noticed that whilst every autistic person was different, every workplace was very similar in terms of the barriers that autistic people faced. Leading him to focus primarily on workplaces and helping them become more inclusive. Daniel has over 18 years experience of working with employers with a focus on Neurodiversity.


    Read more about Daniel on Linkedin

  • Aimee Fairfull- Morse | Neurodiversity Consultant

    Aimee Fairfull- Morse

    Neurodiversity Consultant

    Aimee is passionate about embracing neurodiversity and the joy of different minds.
    She is a Speech and Language Therapist by trade and has worked over the past 7 years in the NHS; specialising in neurodevelopmental assessments and diagnostics.
    Her lived and professional experience of neurodiversity in the workplace has developed her passion for facilitating others to improve their understanding in this area and helping them to translate this into practical, real-life change.

  • Kate Dean | Neurodiversity Consultant

    Kate Dean

    Neurodiversity Consultant

    Kate has a wealth of experience of identifying appropriate adjustments, enabling technologies and strategies that allow people to work to their strengths. Kate has spent over 10 years working in universities, managing and leading large student facing disability support teams.

    Kate has worked collaboratively with Occupational Health and Human Resources to offer specialist advice and develop more inclusive approaches to recruitment and line management.

  • Natasha Catchpole | Neurodiversity Consultant

    Natasha Catchpole

    Neurodiversity Consultant

    Natasha is a Business Psychologist and Coach. She has worked in the field of Neurodiversity for nearly 10 years in a variety of settings, including higher education, prisons and the work place. She has a huge passion for helping people be the best versions of themselves so they can go on to fulfil their potential.

  • Stavroula Dimitriou-Fox | Executive Assistant

    Stavroula Dimitriou-Fox

    Executive Assistant

    Stavroula will often be the first person who gets back to you when you send us an enquiry. She brings her considerable experience of administrative and organisational skills to the team. Stavroula also coordinates the team of trainers at Adjust, ensuring everything runs as smoothly as possible.

  • Onyinye Udokporo | Neurodiversity Consultant

    Onyinye Udokporo

    Neurodiversity Consultant

    Onyinye Udokporo was diagnosed with Dyslexia at age 11. Her 2022 debut book, ‘Dyslexia and Me,’ ignited her passion for neurodiversity advocacy. Now a consultant and content creator, she empowers schools and organisations to create neuro-inclusive spaces. Onyinye, an educator and entrepreneur since age 12, founded ‘Enrich Learning’ and believes in using education to expand opportunities.

  • Kirsty Heap | Neurodiversity Consultant

    Kirsty Heap

    Neurodiversity Consultant

    Kirsty is an advocate for neurodiversity and is proud of being dyslexic. She has been diagnosed with dyslexia since a young age, but it was not until her 30’s that she fully embraced and understood her neurotype. The completion of her Master’s degree in Management with Human Resources was a turning point for her.


    Kirsty has held senior management positions in the field of Human Resources for several years, but now focuses her attention on supporting neurodiverse individuals through coaching and helping companies recognise the value that neurodiverse employees bring. She also provides guidance on how to effectively support these employees, allowing them to showcase their strengths.

  • Professor Lynn Martin | Executive director

    Professor Lynn Martin

    Executive director

    Professor Lynn Martin PhD is an experienced manager and entrepreneur. She brings to Adjust her considerable experience of business development and professional insight. Through her work she has developed a passion for the benefits neurodiverse individuals can bring to the workplace. She is well known for her ability to bring together different organisations to promote economic growth, business and community benefits

  • Dr Lisa Harkry | Executive Director

    Dr Lisa Harkry

    Executive Director

    Dr Lisa Harkry is a Chartered Psychologist specialising in social inclusion, mental health and neurodiversity. She was awarded her PhD in autism and employment from Goldsmiths, University of London. Dr Harkry is unique in that she has considerable academic and practical experience in understanding neurodiversity in an employment context. Dr Harkry brings to Adjust her passion for evidence based strategies.

  • Marianne Eloise | Writer

    Marianne Eloise


    Marianne is an autistic freelance writer covering culture, employment and neurodiversity for outlets including Adjust, The Cut, The New York Times and The Guardian. Read more about Marianne’s work here