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We have worked with many organisations to start their Neurodiversity conversation, including The CIPD, Vodafone, EY, Unilever, Next, Kellogg’s, Santander and Clifford Chance.

Our services are aimed at Managers, HR personnel, Recruitment teams, Diversity and Inclusion teams, Learning and Development teams and all employees.

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Neurodiversity Lunch and Learn

Our Neurodiversity Lunch and Learn session is a great way to get the Neurodiversity conversation started in your workplace. This 1-hour bite-size awareness session gives an introductory understanding of neurodiversity.

This session is beneficial for HR professionals, recruitment teams, learning and development teams, managers and all colleagues with in an interest in diversity and inclusion.

“As part of our continued outreach for our grass-roots Diversity & Inclusion network, we contacted Adjust to deliver 3 lunch & learn sessions to give our staff an introduction into Neurodiversity, attendees gave such overwhelming feedback we have decided to start a new Neurodiversity network to get the continue the great work here at Fidelity.”  Oliver Talbot – Graduate PMO Analyst at Fidelity International.


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Neurodiversity Understood for Managers

Learn more about Neurodiversity and Management. How can your organisation ensure it is retaining talent? Would you like to know how to maximise the potential of existing neurodivergent employees?



“Adjust ran two sessions on neurodiversity in the workplace for managers, directors and HR.  The sessions were interactive, entertaining and kept the audience fully engaged throughout.  Feedback from participants was amazing, one manager said that she had learned more on this 3.5 hour course than at any other training session – ever!” – Jilly Abbott – HR Business Partner at Treatt


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Neurodiversity Understood for Recruiters

Would you like to learn more about Neurodiversity and Recruitment? Is your organisation missing out on future talent? Learn how to access untapped talent by effectively recruiting neurodiverse candidates with our course for recruiters.

Our half day “Neurodiversity Understood for Recruiters” training course is aimed at HR, recruitment teams and all staff involved with recruiting new staff including graduate, apprenticeship and early careers teams. Read more about neurodiversity and recruitment in our blog.

We can also run this session in a 90 minute “Lunch and Learn Plus” format.

“The Adjust session gave our student recruitment team a fantastic insight into a range of neurodiverse conditions and the barriers that students may have when applying for roles with us” – Katherine Holdstock – Senior Student Recruitment Advisor at EY


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Neurodiversity Works

This interactive 1-day training session gives an overview of neurodiversity in a workplace context including recruitment and management.  It is aimed at HR, recruitment teams, line managers, supervisors and all staff involved with advising, managing and supervising neurodiverse staff.
This session will explore the strengths of neurodiversity, how your organisation can attract neurodiverse talent and examine how to support employees with a neurodiverse condition effectively.

“This course gave me an excellent overview of what neurodiversity is. I now understand how to recognise potential employment strengths of neurodiverse employees and candidates. It was useful to discuss how to adapt our recruitment processes to attract neurodiverse talent.” –Neurodiversity Works Participant 


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Recruitment Clinic

Recruitment Clinics – We can ensure your recruitment procedures are inclusive for neurodivergent candidates. Bring along your recruitment procedures, including application forms, interview questions or assessment activities and we can help your recruitment become more neuro-inclusive!

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Manager Coaching

Management Coaching – We offer 1:1 coaching sessions offering advice on practical management strategies, ensuring your managers have the ability to manage neurodivergent employees effectively.